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Internal Medicine

Maintaining good health takes work, and having a skilled internal medicine physician is essential for preventing and managing illnesses and disease.

Michael S. Basch at Talia Medical Group is a leading provider of internal medicine services for men and women in Temecula, California, providing comprehensive care options to promote optimal health for adults. Call the office or schedule an appointment online for a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, internal medicine is the practice of treating adults. Internists can practice medicine as broadly or narrowly as they choose to and train for including cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, or urology.

Internists provide comprehensive care for acute and chronic diseases, as well as proactive and preventive care options to help men and women maintain health as they get older. Plus, an internal medicine specialist offers medical care and guidance for substance abuse issues, anxiety and stress, and other issues that can take an emotional as well as a physical toll on patients.

Dr. Basch offers a comprehensive array of internal medicine services at his Talia Medical Group practice, including:

  • Comprehensive physical exams and wellness visits
  • Urgent care services
  • Ongoing management of chronic diseases and disorders
  • Preoperative consultations
  • Medical testing, including breathing tests, EKGs, and metabolic testing

Your internist also enables you to stay on top of your necessary immunizations and vaccinations, including the seasonal flu shot.

Internists are trained and experienced in treating the diseases and disorders that are most common among adults. They have significant experience providing optimized care for adolescents and adults, especially as the risks for age-related conditions grow.

Internal medicine doctors understand the subtle signs of diseases and the need for different types of health screenings to help men and women take a proactive role in their health. Proactive preventative care can help to prevent acute and chronic issues, including those related to aging.

Adults should have an exam and well at least once a year to look for signs of diseases and to be screened for risk factors so they can enjoy the best health possible at every age. Having an ongoing relationship with an internist, allows the patient and doctor to work together to identify any emerging symptoms at early stages.

Many diseases are more easily treated during the early stages, so early detection is essential. Men and women with chronic conditions that require ongoing management may need to be seen more often.

To schedule your next visit with Dr. Basch, call the office or request an appointment online.