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High Blood Pressure Specialist

High blood pressure, called hypertension, produces no noticeable signs and symptoms in the vast majority of patients but can lead to life-threatening health problems. In most cases, patients find out they have hypertension during their annual physical exam, making this appointment one of the most important ones you schedule each year.

Dr. Michael S. Basch at Talia Medical Group performs physicals and manages hypertension out of his Temecula, California, practice. Take the first step toward prevention and early intervention by scheduling your annual exam today.

Frequently Asked Questions

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is a condition in which your blood puts excessive pressure on your veins. If your blood pressure is 140/90 or higher, you may have high blood pressure. A reading that’s between 120/80 and 139/89 is considered prehypertensive, which means you might be at risk of developing high blood pressure.

The causes of hypertension are largely unknown, but most researchers agree that age, smoking, obesity, and a lack of physical activity can contribute.

Anybody can develop high blood pressure, but these people are at higher risk than others:

  • Men who are over 45
  • Women who are over 65
  • Those with a family history of high blood pressure
  • People who are overweight or obese
  • People who smoke or chew tobacco
  • People who aren’t physically active
  • People who don’t get enough potassium or vitamin D in their diet
  • People who consume too much sodium or alcohol
  • Those under high stress
  • Those who suffer from kidney disease, sleep apnea, or diabetes

Most of the time, hypertension does not produce noticeable symptoms. Scheduling your annual physical exam is the most important measure you can take to prevent hypertension. If you already have high blood pressure, monitoring your blood pressure is important in identifying hypertensive crisis so that you can seek medical attention immediately.

Hypertension is diagnosed based on your blood pressure readings. One high blood pressure reading doesn’t necessarily indicate hypertension, but you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Basch right away if you notice your blood pressure is consistently high, even at rest.

Hypertension treatment requires a combination of interventions, including both lifestyle changes and medication. Lifestyle changes that can help you prevent and treat hypertension include:

  • Decreasing salt intake
  • Limiting your alcohol intake to one drink a day for women and two for men
  • Healthily managing your stress (exercise, meditation, prayer, etc.)
  • Quitting smoking
  • Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight