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Concierge Medicine

Whether you suffer from chronic medical conditions, have multiple diagnoses, or simply want the benefits that come with membership, concierge medicine can streamline your care and provide you with added convenience and collaboration. For one low annual cost, patients who participate in concierge medicine receive access to a wide variety of medical perks and benefits.

Dr. Michael S. Basch at Talia Medical Group offers a comprehensive concierge medicine program for clients in his Temecula, California, practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concierge medicine programs offer perks and benefits to patients who pay a low annual membership fee. This fee allows them some of the conveniences that today’s healthcare and insurance system have made difficult for doctors to provide, such as longer appointment times and appointments that start on time.

Not quite. The cost of the membership pays for the benefits included in the membership. Most of these benefits are not in the form of direct patient care but, instead, relate to medical records, coordination of care, access to medical advice, convenient appointments, telemedicine, and more. Any care you receive from Dr. Basch is billed through your insurance. Some concierge medical problems include a complimentary annual physical when this service isn’t covered by your insurance.

No, membership fees are paid out of pocket using cash, check, or credit card.

The benefits vary between clinics. At Talia Medical Group, you can expect to receive:

  • Appointments that start on time
  • Longer appointment times to ensure you get more personal care and all of your questions answered
  • Coordination of care between specialists
  • Help with insurance questions, claims, and healthcare expense planning
  • Access to a healthcare provider 24/7 for medical advice
  • Online access to your electronic medical record
  • A comprehensive annual physical
  • A phone line dedicated to concierge members

While all patients receive adequate healthcare services, the current state of healthcare and medical insurance in the United States makes it difficult for doctors to spend as much time as they’d like with each patient. It also makes it challenging for clinics to offer additional benefits to patients. Concierge medicine fills the gap by allowing patients to upgrade the perks and benefits associated with their care at a low annual fee.

Everyone benefits from concierge medicine membership, but those who benefit most include those who:

  • Suffer from chronic medical conditions
  • Suffer from multiple diagnoses, such as hypertension, diabetes, and hypothyroidism
  • See multiple specialists
  • Only want to see their primary care provider, even for same day appointments
  • Have a busy schedule and difficulty accommodating appointments