Many aspire to have fit bodies with desirable contours however due to individual body compositions it can prove difficult getting rid of unsightly bulges and creating the shape of one’s dreams. Being active by jogging, doing yoga, pilates, weightlifting or any other rigorous activity helps improve overall health and appearance, but many find that they have stubborn areas of their bodies that do not respond to their efforts no matter how hard they try. Oftentimes these areas include upper and lower abs, flanks/love handles, back fat, hips and thighs just to name a few.

Recent technology has made the dream of spot reduction an attainable reality. Currently, there are two methods of non-invasive body contouring available to minimize problem areas with very little discomfort, no downtime, and permanent results. These two methods are SculpSure and CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting uses direct low temperature to lower the temperature of the fat cells and thus damages them so that they are no longer able to hold fat. The machine suctions, tugs, and pulls at the target areas to break up deposits of fatty tissue. The fat cells die off and are eventually flushed from the body by way of natural processes. Typical sessions are 60 minutes long and results take 9-12 weeks per session. CoolSculpting may be best utilized in smaller problem areas as long as there is sufficient skin and tissue for the machine to grip.

SculpSure uses a completely safe and effective targeted laser heat system that destroys fat cells at a rate of up to 24% per session. The process is made comfortable with the use of a cooling technology that alternates on and off throughout the session. The cells are then gradually flushed from the body via the lymphatic system. There is neither pulling of the skin nor any damage to the skin surface. This method has been identified as effective and has been used to reduce fat content in the bodies of people of all skin tones and body types without affecting the appearance of the skin. Results may be sufficient after one session, however additional sessions may be required to achieve desired results. There is no limit on total sessions as long as there is a sufficient wait time in between and there is enough fat present. Each session is done in a 25-minute block of time and the patient may resume normal activities immediately afterward without requiring post-treatment tissue massage which is common after CoolSculpting.

SculpSure is preferable to CoolSculpting as treatment session times are shorter, and multiple areas may be treated at the same time. SculpSure allows for treating up to four smaller sections simultaneously or organized into treatment groups to suit the individual patient. Results may be seen as soon as 6 weeks post-treatment with full results visible by 12 weeks. Additional sessions may be done as soon as six weeks apart.

CoolSculpting may cause long-term nerve damage when done extensively or in too many sessions which could affect the patient negatively in the long term. SculpSure is not noted to cause nerve damage as the laser targets fat cells in the chosen treatment areas exclusively.

Both SculpSure and the CoolSculpting are FDA approved and have achieved results. CoolSculpting may cause longer-term detriment with the possibility of nerve damage. SculpSure patients may notice a tingling effect, mild tenderness of the skin over treatment areas, and mild to moderate swelling. Drinking plenty of water will assist the flushing of fat cells from the body at a steady pace. Both methods are non-invasive, require no needles, incisions, or vacuums and neither require anesthesia or downtime from work. Regular activities may be resumed immediately. There is no risk of infection that is common with more invasive techniques such as Liposuction or Liposculpture.

SculpSure has recently been approved for under chin fat reduction. Coolsculpting is not yet available to reduce fat under the chin due to the machine limitations. Both methods help to reduce stubborn unwanted fat, yet SculpSure may be more effective in reducing fat in larger areas permanently and can be used in smaller areas as well.

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